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LLE Construction Group, LLC began operating in February 2011 as one of the few minority, women-owned, experienced small general contracting and management firms located in Columbia, South Carolina. Our core business is assisting our client's in managing the design, construction, and maintenance of their facilities.  

Our focus is on protecting the client’s scope, budget, and schedule and providing high quality services and workmanship. Our detailed, thorough, and proactive approach to construction, facility, and project management has developed from our experience of over 15 years of providing services on projects that range in sizes (as small as $5,000 and as large as $18 million), types, and delivery modes.
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At LLE Construction Group, LLC, we are passionate about ensuring our client's projects are managed with a high level of attentiveness and accuracy.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient, and we offer real value to our client's in the following ways:

Quality is Imperative

We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients. To do this, we partner with experienced Sub-Consultants and Subcontractors that possess the skill set required to meet our clients’ needs.  In addition, we have a U.S. Corps of Engineers Quality Control Manager on our staff who ensures ALL projects meets a strict quality standard.

Attentive and Understanding

We are attentive to and eager to understand our clients’ needs. We take the opportunity to assess our client's overall objectives and goals to ensure we have a clear understanding and we're operating "on the same page." In addition, we support our client’s by providing options, analysis, and recommendations to assist decision-making, and then actively implementing their decisions. We understand the importance of the legal requirements and ramifications that may impact and even influence our client’s projects.

Protect Our Client's Best Interest

We are focused on protecting our client's scope of work, cost, and schedule. We believe each element of our services should contribute to controlling cost and maintaining the schedule.​ Also, we believe strongly in providing regular, consistent updates on the project status to our client's with respect to physical progress, budget, schedule, and any potential or current issues. In addition, we negotiate reasonable services and business terms with our suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, Sub-Consultants, etc. that is highly responsive to our client's needs. 

​Knowledge and Experience

Having the necessary knowledge and experience to compete in the construction and management arena is priceless.  It is our goal to ALWAYS provide a team of professionals who are knowledgable and have experience managing projects that would provide a solution that fits our client's needs. Contact us at (803) 409-8100 to see how we can meet your needs! Thank you for the opportunity!