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The idea for LLE Consulting, A Division of LLE Construction Group, LLC, was created while managing and growing LLE Construction Group, LLC. Our President and CEO, Lasenta Lewis-Ellis observed a need to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs on strategy, planning, problem-solving, and developing business skills and knowledge in price structure and marketing. These were areas where our President and CEO struggled as a small business owner, along with staying focused.


As the business grew, the business community was reaching out to us with questions on building their businesses. We were providing free consultation and mentoring for years because of our passion to share with and help others. The more exposure we received in business, we knew it was time to make the shift and focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and find the "right" opportunities. LLE Consulting is an initiative to help small businesses and entrepreneurs find clarity, grow and expand their businesses by providing strategic consulting, coaching, mentoring, and business development services.  

Small Business Strategic Consulting Services

LLE Consulting provides business consulting services and mentorship for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our services are designed to help our clients better understand their value proposition and develop a clear strategy in their business. With a clear strategy, we assist our clients with chasing the “right” business for growth and expansion opportunities. In addition, we help our clients focus on their “niche” areas of services by defining their core offerings and core markets. When businesses align their focus with their core offerings, they are now working with clients “who want to work with them for what they do best.”


Making a Difference in the Small Business Community:

At LLE Consulting, we are passionate about helping our community grow and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. We care about HOW we show up and HOW we make the biggest contributions in the world. Here are a few examples of the work we’re doing with small businesses and entrepreneurs in the community: 

Richland Library as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR)

Richland Library collaborated with entrepreneurs to support an innovative business ecosystem in Columbia, SC. The EiR supported, mentored, and educated new entrepreneurs and budding start-ups through private consultation and public programs (planning three workshops/programs or events for customers, with the assistance of library staff) to sustain the development and growth of future entrepreneurs in the region.

City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities (OBO) and OnPoint! Media

OnPoint! Media, LLC (Cynthia Hardy) partnered with the City of Columbia (SC) Office of Business Opportunities (OBO) to develop the Mentor MatchUP, a mentoring program for women in business to provide professional development, mentorship, and resources for business development. The program teamed seasoned professional and entrepreneurial women with up and coming small business owners and working women looking to boost career advancement and contribute more to their communities.

SWMBE and DBE Outreach Management Services

LLE Consulting partner with Prime Contractors, Organizations, Agencies, and Communities interested in reaching the Small, Women, Minority Business Enterprises (SWMBE) and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) market for procurement opportunities. In addition, we work with small business owners, in a Business Development capacity, to market their capabilities directly to the Prime Contractors, Organizations, Agencies, and Communities seeking their services for procurement opportunities.


For example, if a Prime Contractor is seeking a small, women, and/or minority business to partner with to meet procurement requirements, to grow their businesses, or to legitimately have access to contracting opportunities, LLE Consulting facilitates a public outreach event. The public outreach event brings Prime and Sub Contractors, Consultants, and/or SWMBE businesses to the table to meet and develop a working relationship for teaming.

Educational Training in Entrepreneurship, Project Management for Contractors & Federal Government Contracting

LLE Consulting facilitates a federal government contracting training program called the Business Contract Professional (BCP) Course, developed by the Women Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project (WEOP) in Atlanta, Georgia. This course primary focus is to prepare contractors for work in the federal government marketplace and assist the Small Business Administration (SBA) in developing SBA 8(a) Ready Contractors and Subcontractors. We focus our training to Small, Women, and Minority Business Enterprises (SWMBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) firms that have been in business for over two (2) years and developed their core business capabilities, capacity, and ability to perform work in the federal government marketplace.


LLE Consulting provides entrepreneurship training to adults, young adults, and youth. We partner with local programs to sponsor and teach our community about entrepreneurship. Members of our team sit on “Shark Tank” style panels to provide feedback and advice to emerging entrepreneurs on their business pitch.

LLE Consulting facilitates Project Management for Contractors Training. This training focuses on growing better contracting and subcontractor businesses by establishing and implementing project management and contracting strategies, tools and techniques for project execution.


LLE Construction Group, LLC build and maintain environment-friendly spaces where people love to live, learn, work, and play. We are a Woman and Minority Owned Small Business firm that specializes in Construction and  Facility Maintenance & Sustainability (to include FF&E, OS&E and Space Planning, Renovations, and Logistics) and Program & Project Management with an emphasis in Construction and Facilities Support.

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