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LLE provides Facility Maintenance and Management Services where we partner with Building and Facilities Construction and/or Maintenance Departments to provide renovations and maintenance services to include converting an old space into an office or classroom, new fencing, LED Lighting Upgrades, window cleaning to pressure washing, repairs and replacements to plumbing services, electrical work, and HVAC, building secured entrances at schools, replacing windows and doors, replacing blinds, installing TVs, resurfacing and restriping parking lots, landscaping, and any other services needed in the facilities.


LLE provides Facility Conditions Assessment Services where we partner with larger national firms to assess the current state of clients’ facilities (including capital improvement projects) and estimate costs of necessary repairs and renovations. During the assessments, we have been responsible for 1) Site conditions: Access to the site, circulation, wayfinding, pavement conditions, site utilities, grading, plantings, portable classrooms, athletic fields and playgrounds. 2) Building Envelope: Structural conditions and building shell components, including roof, exterior walls, windows, exterior doors.. 


LLE manage our clients Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) Procurement from the beginning to delivery at the project site. We take care of everything from samples and shop drawing approval to quality inspections to shipping to delivery. We begin our projects with a Pre-Construction or Pre-OS&E/FF&E Meeting where we identify needs as well as review the project, delivery schedule, and budget. We look at quantities and make recommendations to ensure everything is correct. Whether a small or large renovations project, we approach every project with a problem-solving mindset. We are your expert consultants, price negotiators, and Project Managers. We’re all about the details and we manage them well!


As experienced Project Managers, we ensure the success of each phase of our clients’ relocation of their offices and business from initial analysis and inventory through design, installation and final punch list. To align our efforts with other vendors and the end users, we manage the estimates, communications, documentation, and coordination of our clients’ projects. Our moving services includes coordinating all of our clients’ vendors, including cable, security, and electrical companies, and furniture and installation teams.


We handle the inventory management and removal of furniture, computers, laptops, and any warehoused inventory from your facility and delivery to local recycling companies, schools, storage, commercial property, etc.


LLE meet with our clients to review their project goals and budgets then evaluate the space and develop a Scope of Work for facility maintenance and space renovations projects. During our review of our clients’ projects, as needed, we provide a site layout of the space to ensure productive and functional reconfiguration of space. As Licensed General Contractors, we manage the projects from conception until completion, to include procuring and managing all contractors and subcontractors and supervision of professional furniture installers. We partner with Interior Designers, Architects, and Engineers to ensure the best Space Planning and Renovations for our clients.

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